Mr. Suresh Elamon worked in a bank for 23 years keeping natural history and wildlife photography as a serious hobby. In 2001 he took his voluntary retirement and is now a full time naturalist, wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He is also a popular writer in English and Malayalam (his mother tongue); has published several articles and photographs on natural history and conservation in leading magazines like Reader’s Digest. He has published a book for children on butterflies which won him a few State Awards; and recently a book on the birds of Periyar Tiger Reserve. While documenting the butterflies of Periyar Tiger Reserve, he came across the rare Travancore Evening Brown (Parantirrohea marshalli) butterfly which was thought to be extinct for several decades.

Mr.Elamon has collaborated with BBC Natural History Unit in the making of the film ‘Monsoon Forest’ (Land of the Tiger series) and David Attenborough’s ‘Life of Birds’.

Mr.Elamon’s film on the nesting of the Srilankan Frogmouth in Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary was a finalist in the BBC WILDSCREEN 2002 film festival in Bristol. He has made several video documentaries on the natural heritage of Kerala. His website is