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Biodiversity and Plant Variety Protection

The law relating to these areas is relatively new and is still evolving. The mad rush to protect every possible creation of nature and get it in the private domain has resulted in the development of a set of legislations that give protections similar to that of IP to subject matters having strong relations with elements of nature. Protections under Geographical Indications (GI) or under Plant variety are among them while supporting legislations on access and benefit sharing are developing a strong area for conservation of Biological Diversity and Protection of Traditional Knowledge.

Entete Legale has an exclusive division undertaking the practice in these niche areas and has an active research team keeping watch on the latest developments in these areas not just in India, but globally. Entete Legale is also proud to announce that it has Dr.P.Pushpangadan, a renowned Scientist in the field of Ethnopharmacology as its Scientific Advisor

Entete Legale provides its client:

  • Filing and Registration of Goods for GI protection
  • Litigation and GI protection Strategies
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for exploitation/protection of GI’s
  • Approvals under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002
  • ‘Good Practices’ advice for corporate entities and institutions on use of biological resources
  • International Strategy for R&D firms having active research in Natural Products
  • Filing and Registration of Plant Varieties
  • Advice on Farmer’s Rights
  • Litigation under the biodiversity and Plant Variety Protection Laws

Biodiversity and Plant Variety Protection
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