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Information Technology and Cyber Laws

IT has not just changed the way we live, but it has also brought India in the limelight. This branch of Law is still developing and there is a lot of pressure for a well developed law taking good care of data bases as India is increasingly becoming the data bank of the world because of its vast IT and outsourcing Industry. Technology has no boundaries, legislations have and this just adds to the complexities of cyber law administration.

Entete Legale ensures its client has adequate solutions and fully updated support when it comes to:

  • Data Protection
  • Electronic Governance
  • Technology licensing agreements
  • Software and database licensing agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Hardware leasing, sale and maintenance contracts
  • Technology sponsor and supplier agreements
  • Ancillary Arrangements: all agreements ancillary to technology transactions including maintenance and support arrangements, acceptance test procedures, integration services, service level agreements, confidentiality agreements, escrow arrangements and agreements with software consultants

Biodiversity and Plant Variety Protection
Intellectual Property and Competition Laws
Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance
International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Taxation
Information Technology and Cyber Laws
Alternate Dispute Resolution
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